Men Pricing

I have no regrets about launching Salon. for the life of me, I can't imagine doing anything else

Beard & Moustache

Service Name Amount
Moisturising Shave Rs. 199
Premium Shave Rs. 399
Beard Spa Rs. 599
Beard Touchup (majiral) Rs. 200 (short)
Beard Color (inoa) Rs. 300(short)
Beard Touchup (majiral) Rs. 400(long)
Beard Color (inoa) Rs. 500(long)
Moustache Color Rs. 200
-- --
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-- --

Men's Hair

Service Name Amount
Normal Hair Setting (mens) Rs. 250
Advance Hair Setting (mens) Rs. 350
Premium Hair Setting (mens) Rs. 450
Hair cut any style (mens) Rs. 400
Hair wash (men's) Rs. 150
Hair Spa (men's) Rs. 600 (onwards)
Hair Color (men's) Rs. 1200(onwards)
-- --
-- --
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Skin Care

Service Name Amount
Face D-tan (men) Rs. 550
Hand D-tan (men) Rs. 600
Leg D-tan (men) Rs. 800
Back/Front (men) Rs. 800
Full Body (men) Rs. 2500
Fresh Fruit (men) Rs. 600 (onwards)
Hydrating (lotus Cleanup) (men) Rs. 1000(onwards)
Rejuvenate (lotus Cleanup) (men) Rs. 1000 (onwards)
Skin Radiance & Power Brightning (o3+ Cleanup) (men) Rs. 1500


Service Name Amount
Fresh Fruit (men) Rs. 1200(onwards)
Japanese Facial (kanpeki Facial (Men)) Rs. 1600(onwards)
Hydrating Facial (lotus Facial (Men)) Rs. 2000(onwards)
Rejuvenate Facial (lotus Facial (Men)) Rs. 3000(onwards)
Skin Radiance & Power Brightning (o3+ Facial (mens)) Rs. 4000(onwards)
Eyebrows Rs. 50

Manicure & Body Massage

Service Name Amount
Pedi pie manicure Rs. 600
Lotus Citrus Rs. 700
Lyn Menicure Rs.900
Drup Crystal Meni spa Rs. 1000
Pediolix spa Rs. 1200(onwards)
Alga manicure Rs. 1500
Aroma Oil Massage Rs. 3000
Oil Massage with Scrub Rs. 4000
-- --


Service Name Amount
Pedi pie Pedicure Rs. 700
Lotus Citrus Rs. 800
Lyn Pedicure Rs.1000
Drup Crystal Pedi spa Rs. 1200
Pediolix spa Rs. 1500
Alga Pedicure Rs. 1600
-- --
-- --
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